Special episode this week! 7 PM: Guest speaker Jasmine Young

Dr. Kamika Baylor

Dr. Kamika Baylor is not just a healthcare professional; she's a beacon of hope and inspiration for those on their weight loss journey. Having been a plus-sized teen herself, Dr. Kamika understands the struggles and challenges firsthand. After undergoing weight loss surgery and shedding an impressive 170 pounds, she has maintained her weight for over two decades. With a background as a pharmacist, functional medicine specialist, and life and health coach, Dr. Kamika brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to her practice. Her personal story resonates deeply with parents, especially those navigating the complexities of their child's weight, health, self-esteem, and social skills. As a passionate obesity advocate, Dr. Kamika is dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve holistic wellness and embrace a healthier lifestyle. With her compassionate approach and unwavering dedication, she continues to transform lives and inspire positive change in the community.

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